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Family Fridays

Paper Chains So Insane!

Dino Pic

Throwback to our T-Rex Tea Party (Summer 2018)

Youth Services is all about projects. 

It. Never. Ends.... 

BUT on the bright side, it keeps us on our toes. 

Our next project involves you. Yes, YOU! 

How, you ask? Well...

IT'S SUMMER!!!! At least by our standards. 

And by every kid who would've been starting "summer vacation" right now. 

And you know what that means for Youth Services. 

Time to DECORATE!!

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Family Fridays

Family Fridays - Chicago Building Challenge

Calling all lego lovers, block builders and future architects. 

Our Family Friday challenge this week is to build a model of a favorite Chicago landmark to share with the Des Plaines community.

Building blocks, cups, boxes, legos and toothpicks are all fair game along with playing cards, magnatiles and craft sticks or really anything your imagination allows and your home has available. 

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Family Fridays

Send DPPL Your Piece of Patchwork Memory

A child's drawing of walking the dog with parent
As we shelter-in-place, we are creating memories every day.

In the Youth Services department, we decided that one of the best ways to capture favorite moments is to draw a picture.

Of course, we then decided to take it a bit further.

We are creating  a "quilt" of pictures drawn by children and families of Des Plaines, and we invite YOU to contribute. 

And we plan to display on the second floor when the library reopens. 

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