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Bitcoin, Digital Currency or Online Payment System?

When I first heard of Bitcoin the first image that came to me  was of a pirate testing the gold content of a coin by biting it.  But, in this case 'bit' refers to binary unit or the smallest unit of information in computing. And of course, coin, refers to the oldest form of currency. Therefore, digital currency. Bitcoin is not without its conflicting aspects. So, I'll use the two sides of the coin analogy to outline the conflicts while trying to describe what Bitcoin is.

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Book Groups: Connecting through Reading

Reading can be many things. It’s a private enterprise. It can drastically lower stress-levels and help sharpen the mind. Above all, it can help us discover more about ourselves and the world around us by allowing us to process ideas and information through the filter of our very existence. However, it can also be a social pursuit. Discovering how others react to something that we’ve read and hearing their perspectives based on their own life experiences can go a long way in gaining a deeper understanding of it. Reading the same book can also lead to meeting fellow readers and developing a broader network of book recommendations.

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Staff Picks

Get in Sync with SYNC

It's my favorite time of the year. SYNC is here. What is SYNC? SYNC is a fantastic program sponsored from AudioFile Magazine and runs from May 15th until August 14th. Each week two audiobooks are available for users to download on their computer and keep for free. One is a classic/required reading title and the other is a current YA book. The program is aimed at listeners 13 and older, but with the rise in popularity of YA books in adults, there are titles listed that adults will love as well.

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The Microsoft Snipping Tool, move over copy/paste

Use the right tool for the job.

This seems like an obviously true statement. Yet, we often keep doing things the same way we always have, even when the circumstances have changed. Things change and I do too, just not at the same pace. I have used the copy/paste technique at my computer for years. And it has served me well, but I'm saying hello to the new tool in my toolbox, the Microsoft Snipping Tool. Okay, it's not so new, just new to me.

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That feeling you get from a good run.

While I was training for the Chicago Marathon I think my running shoes covered every street in Des Plaines. Once in a while a patron will tentatively come up to me in the library and say that they think they saw me run past their house and bolder patrons have yelled out to me in the parking lot asking why I'm not in my running clothes.

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