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17 Books & Resources Supporting Transgender Awareness

Transgender Flag
November 13 to 19 is Transgender Awareness Week, which seeks to educate people on the issues that transgender individuals face, as well as increase their visibility in society. 

This week is followed by November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance. 

This day acts as a remembrance for the transgender individuals who have lost their lives due to anti-trans violence.

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2022 Budget Includes New Chiller, First Increase in Eleven Years

Des Plaines Public Library trustees have approved a 2022 budget including a $300,000 expenditure to replace a 21-year-old chiller system and increasing the property tax levy to $6.4 million, from $6.1 million in 2021.


The current chiller system is beyond its expected lifecycle and is in urgent need of replacement.

It regularly breaks down, stops cooling, and creates potentially hazardous conditions in the building for residents and staff.

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Starting April 29th! Two Free Audiobook Downloads Per Week

Sora app
If you love audiobooks, or if you are just getting started with them, the SYNC audiobook program is fun, and interesting.  

You may already know it as it has been a summer program for the past 12 years. It’s targeted toward teens but anyone over 13 years old can access.

Each week the SYNC program provides two thematically paired audiobooks for checkout.

Once the titles have been added to your shelf in Sora, you can listen to them again and again, for as long as you want – just make sure you don’t return them!

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Surprise, Discovery, and Books!

LibraryAware Mystery February Newsletter

Feb 2021 Mystery Newsletter


There is something sublime in its randomness, its supreme ability to surprise.

Mail is the completion of an event, an act.

Someone put forth an effort to send something and the delivery to your mailbox is the final step, the culmination of a timeless method of communication.

It’s a concept similar to the light of stars, but in a different scope.

Every birthday card, holiday melange of pictures of relatives, or a mere note sent by a treasured friend: all are the representations of someone else’s present, now a few days in the past.

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