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Miner Recs Episode 55 Now Available!

On the latest episode of Miner Recs, Dave, Tony, Jami and Joel dive deep into Acorn TV, a video streaming service available for free to DPPL cardholders featuring television shows and movies from Britain and beyond! Shows discussed include Detectorists, Loch Ness, Rebecka Martinsson, Jack Taylor and more. Have a listen to their recommendations on the player below:

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Kids & Parents

Ready or Not, Here I Code!

Hands down, the best hiding place in the world was Grandma and Grandpa Beckwith’s hall closet: Long…narrow… seemingly endless.

One of the Great Cousin Myths was that no one ever reached the end of the closet; we all agreed to believe that it went on forever.

You would crawl in earthworm-style, navigating the maze of shoes and handbags and wool coats by feel more than sight.

Between the excited anxiety of hiding and the lack of air movement, you'd get sweaty – but your hair would be full of static from the friction of the carpet. Sweat and static cling at the same time - a distinctly uncomfortable feeling.

When you finally found your knee-hugging spot between the sneezy burlap-covered walls and the scratchy wool coats waiting for someone to find you, time would slow down so the space between every heartbeat felt like an eternity. 

Until recently, I got that same anxious, itchy, uncomfortable feeling whenever I thought about trying to learn how to code.

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