Printing, scanning, faxing

Wireless Printing

You can send print jobs from your home or device to the library! Once you have sent your document to be printed, call the 4th floor Reference Desk at 847-376-2841 to tell them you have sent a print job. They will tell you how to pick up the documents.

Thanks for your patience and stay well!

Go to and follow the directions:

  1. Enter User Info (your name)
  2. Browse to find the file on your computer or device
  3. Choose the black and white OR the color printer. (Don't choose color if you don't need it.)
  4. Press the RIGHT ARROW to continue
  5. Choose the number of copies that you need - if you see a Security Information window, click YES
  6. Press the green PRINT button to send the job to the library

Then call the 4th floor Reference Desk at 847-376-2841 to tell them you have sent somethng to be printed. They will tell you wheRE you can pick it up.


Printing is easy from any of our computers or by using our wireless print service (see details below). Use your DPPL Library card as a debit card for color or black/white printing. The same cards may be used for photocopying.

Printing costs are:

  • Black/white: 10¢ per page
  • Color: 25¢ per page


SimpleScan is our standalone, dedicated scanner. Conveniently located on both the third and fourth floors, this easy-to-use machine is fairly intuitive. Instructions on the touch-screen monitor guide you through the process. The SimpleScan lets you:

  • Scan to USB (flash drive)
  • Scan to Email

Scanning in the library is offered free of charge. 


You may also send a fax from our SimpleScan on the 3rd or 4th floor. You will only be able to send faxes, not receive them.

Faxing is free; however, please limit your documents to ten pages.