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Kids & Parents

Expecting? Keep Calm and Carry On…to the Library!

The exciting news keeps coming and and I'm keeping a tally by marking the 6th baby due date in my calendar (and secretly admit being glad I am not expecting this time!).

With the announcment and hugs comes the real conversation about worries, concerns and even baby names!

As a veteran mom I am glad to guide new parents through information overload and overwhelming checklists (similiar to my usual library role!).

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Kids & Parents

Stopping Summer Slide

Kids of all ages, from elementary through high school, can be affected by summer slide.

What's summer slide? Summer slide is the term used to describe what can happen to kids during the summer. During the school year, kids are reading more and exposed to all kinds of educational activites.

During the summer, they can lose up to three months of the knowledge and skills they've gained during the school year.

Scary, right? Don't worry, there are some easy (and fun!) activities and projects you can do with your kids. They'll be having so much fun they won't even realize they're learning! 

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Staff Picks

Pint & Click Podcast 29 Now Available!

DPPL's Pint & Click Podcast Episode 29 is streaming now! On this episode, Dave, Tony and Joel discuss Alien: Covenant, the latest installment in the Alien series helmed by original director Ridley Scott; the self-help book The Hero Is You: Sharpen Your Focus, Conquer Your Demons, and Become the Writer You Were Born to Be by Kendra Levin; the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix; and the pilot of David Lynch's original television show Twin Peaks (now returning to TV on Showtime).

Staff Picks

5 Sport Fiction Novels You Should Read

Sports and storytelling can go together to create something that anyone not just sports lovers can appreciate. Caddyshack is not just a great sports movie, it is a movie that regarded as a classic that even those who have never played golf can love.

Within movies there are many titles such as Bull Durham, Million Dollar Baby, Rocky II, and Any Given Sunday, that are not based on real events that give us memorable stories that stand the test of time​.

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