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Happening at the library

Fiction Fight! Which book will win?

 Our Adult Summer Reading weekly contest is almost over. Since June 4th, patrons have been voting for their favorites from a selection of 32 popular novels.  Each week, the winning books from that round moved on and one lucky voter won a gift card to Tap House Grill. The field of fiction has been narrowing. We’re down to just two challengers. On July 30th, we’ll finally see which book reigns supreme! 

Come on up to the 3rd floor to cast your vote and take a chance to win the last Tap House Grill gift card. It's head-to-head between The Help by Kathryn Stockett and the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling. Which will you choose?

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Heat got you down? Cool off with cool, fresh episodes of the Pint & Click Podcast!

In episode 11 of the Pint & Click Podcast, Jami, Tony and special guest Charlie talk about the Lindy West book Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman, the Monkees' album Good Times, the Duncan Jones-directed movie Moon, and Peter Jackson's trilogy of films adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings.

In episode 12, Dave, Tony and special guest Simon explore the various VR platforms currently available: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR and Gear VR.

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Who Let a Pidgey into the Library?

Pokemon Go is the newest sensation and all over the news and social media.  It is an augmented reality game you play on your Android or iPhone.  Unlike virtual reality, which substitutes your visual experience, augmented reality takes the real world and adds an extra layer to it.  Just like how we used Aurasma to see into the future of the library’s renovation project, Pokemon Go lets you see through the eyes of a Pokemon trainer.

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The Social Security Administration can help you be green and name your child!

Sign up for my Social Security and avoid getting the periodically mailed print benefits statements.

Less paper and easy access to your Social Security Statement.

Now you can login and easily:

my Social Security

  • see your future benefits
  • verify that your earnings for the year are posted correctly
  • see an estimate of Social Security taxes you have paid
  • and if you are retired, check your benefit and payment information

Popular Baby Names

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Kids & Parents

ROAD TRIP!! Audiobook Selections for Family Travel

Picture of 3 boys enjoying a road trip.
Summer is a time when many families pack up the car and head out on vacation. It’s also a great time to listen to books as a family, creating a shared experience that just might provoke some interesting conversations to boot! 

Here are some titles that involve travel in one form or another. Take a look - you just might find your family’s next big adventure!

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