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The 2015 Book Group Awards at DPPL: And the Winner Is . . .

I enjoy book groups, and I especially like wrestling with what the author wanted to get across in their work and learning of other reader's perspectives.

If you consider what the library experience is all about, you can break it down it down to this:

Libraries are where people meet knowledge, where people meet story, and where people interact with other people.

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Going on an adventure this winter? Capture it with GoPro!

Have you heard? DPPL now has two GoPro cameras available to borrow!

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, when personal video cameras really made it into the mainstream, I remember there’d always be at least one parent with a video camera floating around at various childhood events, like little league games and track meets and birthday parties.  

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Giving or Receiving Tech Gifts? We Can Help

According to This Week in Consumer Electronics, smaller ticket items, not televisions, are expected to be most popular this season.

"Emerging technology" purchases are expected to increase 14%. While no one asks for "emerging technology", think drones, fitness devices, and smartwatches.

I really like the online gift guide from, and Consumer Reports also has a pretty great section for the gadget geek as well.

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Testing, Testing, A,C,T

As adults, when we think about this as being a stressful time of year, we think of shorter days, winter storms and holiday obligations.

But those a bit younger than us are stressed out for a whole different set of reasons.

As students in middle school and high school get deeper into the heart of the school year, their workloads get more overwhelming.

It seems every student I know is getting ready for something big right now. Whether it's getting ready for finals, studying for the constitution test, MAP testing, or preparing for the ACT exam, I'm happy to say that the library provides resources to help students succeed. 

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