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Love this year’s Oscar movies? Here’s what to watch next

Eight films are up for the Best Picture award at the 87th Academy Awards on February 22. (Check out the full list of nominees here.) A few of them, like The Grand Budapest Hotel and Boyhood, are already available on DVD/Blu-ray for checkout at the library. But if you enjoyed any of the nominated films and want to see more like them, here are some recommendations for further viewing.

(By the way, we chatted about this very topic last night for Pint & Click, a monthly meetup group for culture-lovers that congregates at Tap House Grill in Des Plaines. Check out the group on or Facebook to hear about future shindigs!)

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Dear Gloria: WWII love letters to Des Plaines

"Read 'em and weep." That phrase usually means you just won a hand of poker. In this case it describes what might happen to you when you read the letters of a young World War II soldier serving in the Pacific to a girl back home in Des Plaines.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. The Des Plaines History Center and Des Plaines Memory are presenting compelling stories of the people of Des Plaines who made selfless contributions to the war effort by serving abroad and on the homefront.

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Kids & Parents

The Words Unwritten

The first book I've read to all three of my children was a wordless picture book, a book where the story is told through illustrations, without words or few words. Each one of my kids' continually changing reponse to Alexandra Days' Carl's Afternoon in the Park, has convinced me to recommend sharing wordless books to any parent. These books pack a powerful array of tools to develop the literacy skills needed to become a great reader.

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