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Starting April 29th! Two Free Audiobook Downloads Per Week

Sora app
If you love audiobooks, or if you are just getting started with them, the SYNC audiobook program is fun, and interesting.  

You may already know it as it has been a summer program for the past 12 years. It’s targeted toward teens but anyone over 13 years old can access.

Each week the SYNC program provides two thematically paired audiobooks for checkout.

Once the titles have been added to your shelf in Sora, you can listen to them again and again, for as long as you want – just make sure you don’t return them!

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DIY With DPPL: Pet Cactus

Hey, Kiddos! It's time for DIY with DPPL!

This week, Ms. Esli will show you how to make a pet cactus.

While supplies last, come into DPPL and pick up the materials you need, including some paint and a pair of googly eyes.

Then watch a step by step video on how to create a masterpiece from all the supplies!

Ages 5 and up.

DPPL On Demand

Meet Someone New with Biography in Context

Biographies in Context is a database that can give you a lot more or different sources of biographical information than just book form.  It lays out side by side all the published matter they have available in any format, on people in history including the current day.

Watch the video above or read on to see how to access it:

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