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Paper Chains So Insane!

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Throwback to our T-Rex Tea Party (Summer 2018)

Youth Services is all about projects. 

It. Never. Ends.... 

BUT on the bright side, it keeps us on our toes. 

Our next project involves you. Yes, YOU! 

How, you ask? Well...

IT'S SUMMER!!!! At least by our standards. 

And by every kid who would've been starting "summer vacation" right now. 

And you know what that means for Youth Services. 

Time to DECORATE!!

While we can't go big like other summers 😭, we do have plans.

Carryout service (more details here) begins on Monday, June 15th. 

Patrons will pass through a one-way traffic hallway to pick up their items. 

And YS is working on decorating that hallway. 

The project is paper chains. 

Each link will have a book/movie title on it that people have enjoyed during quarantine. 

Here's just a fraction of what the staff has read and seen. 

The pink and green chains represent books while the yellow and black ones are movies, shows, and videogames. 

Mind boggling, isn't it, how much we can get through with so much time on our hands. 

Long story short, now it's YOUR turn to help. 

Pick out a couple books and movies that entertained you and your family. 

You're welcome to share both kid titles and adult titles. 

This is a community-wide project.

Send us your quarantine favorites (at least 2 books and 2 movies/shows) to

And we'll add them to our paper chains. 

The cool thing is that patrons will be able to watch them grow week to week as they come in for their holds.

So let's see how long we can get them.

Can we cover that entire hallway past the double doors?

Challenge accepted. 😎

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