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Miner Recs Episode 70 Now Available!

On this episode, Charlie, Lynne, and Joel discuss Stephen King's new collection of novellas If It Bleeds. Their conversation also touches on filmed adaptations of King's work, how future authors might write about the events of 2020, and much more! (Please note, this episode was recorded remotely using Zoom - you may notice some slight audio imperfections, which were inherent in the source.) Listen to their conversation in the player below:

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Great DPPL Bake-Along

Read it, Bake it, Eat it: Homemade Bread from The Calling

Book cover
This week reference assistant Lalu bakes Braided Bread & Savory Buns inspired by the Amish fiction "The Calling" by Suzanne Woods Fisher.


The Calling, #2 in "The Inn at Eagle Hill" series by Suzanne Woods Fisher is about Bethany who grows beyond being a heartbroken young woman into one of strength as she helps the poor and downtrodden, in turn bringing out the best in herself.  

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Kids & Parents

Keeping ‘em Happy 2: Winter Break Edition

From time to time, a parent comes up to the Youth Services Desk with a rather sheepish look on their face.

“My kid asked me to get some book...about underwear…?”

“ problem. Captain Underpants?”

The parent, relieved, follows me to the “P” for "Pilkey" section of J Fiction, explaining along the way that they’re trying to get their kid to read something else, but all they want is Captain Underpants.

“I get it,” I reply. “My kids loved it too.” 

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Wednesday Crafternoons

It’s Wednesday. Let’s Get Cozy!

cozy winter ready

It's time to hibernate!

Along with bears, humans have their own version of hibernating. 

Let's face it. Winter brings it out of everyone. 

Shorter days, snowy sleighs, and icky greys. 

It's hard to not want to snuggle up with a blanket and call it a day even it's only 11 am. 

It doesn't even have to be sleeping. 

Watching TV, playing videogames, drawing, reading a book, drinking hot chocolate 😋 ☕

Any activity that lets you park yourself in one spot for several hours. 

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