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Pint & Click Podcast 28 Now Available!

On the latest episode of the Pint and Click Podcast, Dave, Tony, Kristyn, and Joel discuss and recommend media that is currently available on hoopla. As you may have read here previously, hoopla is a digital service available to all DPPL cardholders that allows you to download or stream up to 10 ebooks, audiobooks, movies, comics, TV shows or albums each month. Topics discussed include the 1995 Abel Ferrara film The Addiction; the soundtrack to last year's Disney motion picture Moana; the DC comic Green Lanterns Vol. 1: Rage Planet, written by Geoff Johns; the 2006 Guillermo del Toro film Pan's Labyrinth; and Ghost In The Shell, the original 1995 anime film directed by Mamoru Oshii. Take a listen below:

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How to Prepare for the Twin Peaks Revival at DPPL

In case you haven’t heard Twin Peaks, one of the most critically acclaimed and influential television shows of all time, is returning to the small screen after a twenty-five year hiatus.

Series’ creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have teamed up with Showtime to bring audiences eighteen new episodes, including a two-hour premiere, which will debut Sunday, May 21.

While producers have been tight-lipped about the new season’s storyline, it has been revealed that the series will take place after the second season’s cliffhanger finale and focus on Agent Cooper’s odyssey back to the sleepy Pacific Northwest logging town of Twin Peaks.

It has also been reported that a mix of big name actors, rock superstars, and Lynch veterans will be joining the ensemble cast to bring the beloved series back to life.

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