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In Memory of a Fine Friend

Friends of the Des Plaines Public Library recently donated eleven books to the library in memory of long-time Friends member Roy Terp. 

“Since he was a young boy, libraries were always an important part of Roy Terp’s life" says his daughter, Susan Terp. 

“Dad was a life-long reader of books, as well as a daily reader of the Chicago Tribune.  He enjoyed all types of books and his favorite topics were history, biography, historical fiction, and mysteries.”

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Kids & Parents

Get Your Mind Around Minecraft!

If you have an elementary or middle-school-aged kid in your life, there’s a good chance you’ve at least heard of one of the hottest video games out there: Minecraft.  My seven year old is obsessed with it, and we recently threw him a Minecraft-themed birthday party, including an Enderman piñata, Creeper bean bag toss, and TNT Block birthday cake.  

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Kids & Parents

Find Your Super Self (on the SHELF)!

Summer Reading is now in full swing, and it’s all superheroes, all the time around here right now. But “Pow! Bam! Book!” is not just about the Batman, Green Lantern, Spidey, and Wonder Woman we all know and love.

It’s also about learning how to appreciate the superhero in you. Are you a kind person? Are you good at sports? Do you have a special skill? Have you overcome difficulty in your life?

Look here for a list of books created by library practicum student Jessica Applebee highlighting the lives of some superheroes…that are just like you and me.

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What’s Up with Oakton?

Today, we're pleased to welcome guest blogger Michelle Brown, director of student recruitment and outreach at Oakton Community College:

Whether you’ve lived here your whole life or moved to the area yesterday, you may be wondering just what Oakton Community College has to offer. The answer: more than you might think – including a whopping 80 associate degree and career certificate programs. With campuses in both Skokie and Des Plaines, Oakton enrolls over 10,000 students representing 50-plus countries and speaking 35 languages. Talk about diversity!

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Do you know where YOUR yearbook is?

Yearbooks (inside)
It's graduation time again! 

Does seeing photos of  freshly-minted graduates get you nostalgic for your high school glory (or not so glorious, but none the less fun) days?

Is your high school yearbook long gone? Buried in a box in your mom's garage?  Lost in one of those *#xo#*#!!X floods?

If you graduated from a Maine Township high school in the 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's you may be in luck.

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