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Happening at the library

The U. S. Census - Tell Me More

Why is the 2020 Census a big deal?

Well, for one thing it dates back more than 200 years. 

The first U. S. Census was organized by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson.

Both he and President Washington worried that the population was undercounted at less than four million souls (Native Americans were not included). And after spending more than $40,000 on it!

The President blamed (in part), "The fears of others that it was intended as the foundation of a tax.”

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Setting the Story Straight: DPPL is a Generous and Safe Place for All

This library is a joyful space for the 400,000 people who visit every year, and for the staff who serve them.  

Summer with the Beatles

Summer With the Beatles concert on the Terrace, 2019.

If you walk through the building, you will see people engaged in book clubs, or learning how to research their genealogy, or teens making cards for hospitalized kids, or seniors having a free lunch, or people learning English, or people voting early for the Presidential primaries.  

Did I mention the 300,000 books, movies, music, video games and WiFi hot spots?  Did I forget all the kids’ story times?

It is indeed a wonderful place, and I am honored that the people of Des Plaines have entrusted me to be the Director of their treasure.  

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Happening at the library

We All Count! Des Plaines and the 2020 Census







Des Plaines Public Library is here to help. Stop by one the library 's Census Response Stations located on the 2nd and 4th floors.  A librarian can answer your questions and assist you in submitting your census online beginning March 12th.

Every 10 years, the census records everyone living in this country. It’s written in the Constitution.

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