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We curate resources across a wide range of topics and subject areas. You can find old newspaper articles or generate business leads. You get special access to these resources as a library patron. The best part? You can use most of these online resources from home with your library card!

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"In library only" resources

As you browse through our lists of resources, you might notice some are labeled "In library only". In some instances, the company that makes the resource doesn't allow us to offer access from home. But don't worry! Just stop by the library and we'll be happy to help you.

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We think that all of our resources have a unique purpose and strength. But some are so helpful or useful that we mark them as our favorites. Favorites are good places to start, have amazing content, or are really popular with other library patrons.


We offer you access to a lot of content through these online resources. But sometimes, you need to hone in a specific topic. We group our online resources by categories like Health, Job hunting, and more. Jump over the Subjects page to start exploring.

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Kids' subjects

For parents and kids looking for help with a school assignment, be sure to visit our Kids' subjects pages. You'll find topics that match most of the areas that kids cover in Des Plaines schools. All of the information is kid-friendly and easy-to-use.

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Getting help

We know that diving into some of these resources can be daunting. Feel free to ask me questions. You also can call the Reference Desk at (847) 376-2841 or email Reference services staff.

Local documents

The Des Plaines Draft of the 2019 Annual Action Plan for Community Development Block Grant Programming is available for public viewing here.