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Episodes 3 & 4 of Pint & Click Podcast: Download Now!

In episode 3 of the Pint & Click Podcast, Dave, Jami and Tony discuss the game Rocket League, the book Mr. Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt, the movie The Revenant, and the book and film adaptation of The Martian.

In episode 4, Dave, Tony and special guest, Jackie, discuss the documentary I Am Chris Farley, the animated feature It's Such A Beautiful Day, the game The Witness, and the film Deadpool.

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Comics: Coming to a Screen Near You

Like a lot of people, when a book is adapted for movies or television I like to read the original book. With so many comics and graphic novel adaptations taking over the big and small screen, I decided I better catch up by getting into comics.

Hoopla Comics

Hoopla has become my preferred way to read comics and graphic novels. Not only does it offer dozens of titles, Hoopla has a special viewing mode for comics called Action View, which enables you to read frame by frame. It's a cool and dynamic way to read, lending an almost cinematic experience to reading comics.

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Kids & Parents

Read This, Eat There: Pairing Children’s Books with Local Restaurants

I have two great loves in life; reading and eating (I actually have three, if you count my family, but for the sake of this blog post -- I won't). There are few things I like more than a good book or a restaurant recommendation.

So while foodies everywhere are pairing burgers with craft beer and sushi with imported sake, I’ve decided to pair children’s books with local restaurants.

Luckily, one of the best things about living in Des Plaines (besides the library, of course) is the food. There are over 100 restaurants in the city (I’ve counted), and the majority of them are casual, family-owned businesses -- making them the perfect place to bring (frequently messy and occasionally mischievous) kids.

Or don’t bring the kiddos; instead read them one of the recommended books, kiss them softly goodnight, and head to dinner (alone, with your husband, with friends, with whomever).

Side note: I work in Youth Services and have have three kiddos of my own. It makes sense for me to pair restaurants with children’s books, but you can (and should!) do this with adult titles, too. Here are a few quick recommendations: Solo with Restaurant Mehanata, Little Beach Street Bakery with B’s Sweet Bites, and anything by Banana Yoshimoto with Dotombori.

Here's my guide to great family reading and seriously good eating:

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