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Ten TV shows that celebrate the small screen

Several years ago I realized that if I read 50 books a year, then I had enough cultural credit built up to also watch as much TV as I wanted. What I then realized, in this flurry of flatscreen love, was that TV…had gotten pretty darn wonderful. Great acting, fantastic stories, and the time to really explore characters and their worlds to an extent the multiplex will never match.

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Make car repairs simpler with Consumers’ Checkbook

By the end of this crazy winter, your car might need a little tender loving care. Everything from road salt to ice-induced collisions might have taken their toll. If you dread getting estimates for car repair work, then I highly recommend using Consumers' Checkbook. With your library card, you can get free ratings and advice to make your money spending simpler.

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Behind the scenes peek at digitizing a 19th century diary

Over on our Des Plaines Memory photo blog, librarian Steven Giese posted some pictures of how he digitized a 19th century diary. You can see in the picture how fragile and delicate looking the diary is. Each page has to be carefully placed on the scanner. Of course, now that we have it in digital form, it's available for anyone to read. In fact, we have two diaries by Isabella Norton on Des Plaines Memory. Be sure to take a look!

Kids & Parents

Meet the new Parents and Kids guides

The Youth Services staff is really excited about our new website and we hope you are too! We've redesigned our Parents and Kids pages to make information easy to find and highlight some important things that maybe you didn't know about. Find the Parents and Kids pages under Guides at the top right of the page and we'll go ahead and start our brief tour. Please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times and hold all questions until the end.

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Happening at the library

Get immediate gratification with the Big Library eBook Read

The Big Library eBook Read offers you the chance to try something new. Not only can you try out downloading an eBook from the library, but you're sure to find a fun new recipe or learn a new cooking technique in Aida Mollenkamp's cookbook, Keys to the Kitchen. From February 17th to March 5th, any library card holder can download a copy of the Food Network chef, writer and television personality's book—no holds, no waits. Just immediate gratification of your eBook and your culinary needs.

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