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Get Your World Series History Here

It occurred to me recently it's almost time to think about scouring the Web for World Series tickets.

Wait a minute. Reality check. Sad to say, Chicago's two professional baseball teams -- the Cubs and the White Sox -- did not make this fall's Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs, scheduled to start soon. So I won't be on the hunt for playoffs or World Series tickets after all. (I won't rub it in by telling you just where our guys are in the standings.)

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Happening at the library

Friday Sept. 19th is Trivia Night at the Library

What's the fascination with trivia? Why is it interesting to know that George Washington's teeth were not wooden but made of ivory and other materials? Why do we love knowing bits of information that have no essential or significant impact in daily life? Why do we get a thrill answering a Jeopardy question correctly? We may never know.

But, if you are a hoarder of bits of facts and tidbits, the Library's Trivia Night will be the place for you to shine. Bring your family or friends and make a team of 6, or let us put you

George Washinton
on a team of 6, and get the chance to be on the winning team. Each winning team member will get a $50.00 gift certificate to the Tap House Grill Restaurant. The event will be in Room B/C on the first floor and starts at 7 pm. Refreshments will be provided. You bring the fun. Sign up here or if you want to know more about Washington's teeth visit the Mount Vernon website.