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Pint & Click Podcasts 50 & 51 Now Available!

On the 50th episode of the Pint & Click Podcast, Dave, Tony, Joel and Charlie look back on their experience recording the podcast, how the program has evolved, and reflect on the future of the show. Have a listen below:

The 51st episode features Dave, Tony and Joel discussing the life of the late great Stan Lee, the nuances of the characters in the Marvel universe, the influence that Marvel comics have had on their lives. Have a listen here:

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Kids & Parents

Youth Services Staff Picks for 2018

It's that time of the year when everyone is sharing their top choices for 2018.

The Youth Services staff is always reading and this year we've read some phenomenal books.

Read on to see what we recommend!

You can click on each title to place a hold in the catalog or stop by the Youth Services desk for additional recommendations.

Happy reading!

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The Green Book Explored

It is so easy to jump on the internet before, during (!) and after a movie to get quick answers to the questions that come to mind. What was that last movie I saw that actor in? Who was the bouncer -- he looked so familiar? How old is Viggo Mortensen? These are the easy questions where IMDB is your go-to source. 

Green Book inspired some deeper questions as the best movies and books do.

General google searching will answer your most likely question, "Is the story true?" I was most curious about the Green Book itself, and the origin of the term Jim Crow.

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