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Try BookVine for curated book recommendations, picked fresh for you

Has this ever happened to you?  You're out of books to read, with no idea where to start, and no time to spend looking and researching.  What to do?  We'd love for you to stop by the Readers' Services Desk on the 3rd Floor to talk to us about what kind of book you are looking for, and which authors you prefer/dislike.  But life is busy, busy, busy.  Sometimes, that's just not possible.

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Staff Picks

Oh the March Madness of it All

Driving into work today, I caught the tail end of a NPR story on March Madness, AKA the 2015 NCAA Basketball Tournament, and the negative impact on worker productivity it brings to companies each year. (I can't find a link to it just yet, I'll circle back and link it up when I do.)

Final Four
A company CEO interviewed in the piece says they are turning those lemons into lemonade by making the first Friday of the tournament a vacation day and inviting all staff and clients to party at a local bar and enjoy "all the madness" together.  

He says  insights his people gain from observing customer's tournament picks and the way they react to and with the game gives them valuable information on how to better work with and serve those customers.

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Staff Picks

Bad*** Women of Television

While binge-watching television last weekend, I got the chance to see a pretty varied cross-section of female characters on television. A lot of what I saw made me cringe. Nurse Chapel of the original Star Trek went on a dangerous mission in a micro-skirted uniform and Wonder Woman chased bad guys in a bustier. In nearly every episode, the supporting actresses / damsels in distress on MacGyver let him do all the rescuing and, of course, kissed him for his trouble and Laura of The Dick Van Dyke Show made it clear that her husband called the shots.

I spent a lot of time explaining to my daughter that attitudes about how women should act and dress and what roles they play in the world have changed over the years, and that those changes are reflected on TV. I know it’s not perfect – on cop shows, they still chase criminals in ridiculously high heels, but increasingly, women on television are portrayed as smart and capable - masters of their own fate.

A lot of the tough, independent female characters that have kicked serious butt across our television screens helped make that happen by giving generations of girls some pretty spectacular role models to live up to. 

Scandal Olivia Pope Kerry Washington

On Scandal, Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope defines power.

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