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Happening at the library

Fiscal Fitness

The library focuses on fiscal responsibility during Money Smart Week with a series of helpful programs for adults, retirees and kids. Make the best financial decisions you can when you use our online and inhouse resources to build consumer expertise. Come to our programs to learn more about your own bank or credit union, how to take the first steps in bond investing, shrink your phone bill, or teach your children about managing their own money.

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The Original Desperate Housewives of Des Plaines

Have you ever been tempted to peek inside someone’s diary? Sure you have. There’s a little snoop in all of us. After all, diaries are where people record their most personal thoughts and feelings. Stuff that’s not meant for anyone else to know about. Private stuff. Maybe even juicy stuff. What a temptation! But there’s just no way around the fact that reading someone else’s diary makes you a big snoop...

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Happening at the library

Teens embrace technology during Teen Tech Week

I always say that I have the best job in the library because I get to work with our impressive teen patrons. They motivate me, make me laugh, teach me new things, and give me a reason to look forward to a bright future for all of us. Teen Tech Week was no exception. We packed in three inspiring teen tech programs that had teens engineering, programming, and creating here at their library.

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