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Free Books, Free Minds

The idea of freedom can be taken for granted pretty easily nowadays. We face so many choices on a daily basis that we might forget what it means even to have a choice. How often do we consider it when we enter the library looking for a book to read?

What if we were not allowed access to something on the mere basis that someone else disagreed with its contents and thought it should be removed?

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Thriftin’ Around Town With In For A Penny

Hands down, my very favorite part of my job here at the library is the first Saturday of every month, when In For A Penny meets. 

Like many people I know, you may not subscribe to print newspapers. Maybe you opt to get your news online, or maybe you just prefer to save the money and read the paper here at the library. But however you get your news, there’s one thing you might be missing from the good old Sunday paper—the coupons!

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