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Drawing Comics with Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Celebrate Free Comic Book Day with New York Times bestselling author and illustrator, Jarrett J. Krosoczka. Perfect for the entire family, this live virtual drawing workshop is sure to inspire the inner artist in everyone. Jarrett creates books with humor, heart, and deep respect for his young readers. So sharpen your pencils, bring out the paper, and join us for this can't miss event. 

(This program originally aired over Zoom on May 6, 2023.)

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Secrets of a Puzzle Master: A Conversation with Will Shortz

Will Shortz, the editor of The New York Times crossword puzzle, and the world's only academically accredited puzzle master, discusses crossword puzzles. The author/editor of more than 500 puzzle books, Shortz is also the puzzle master for NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday and the founder and director of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

Please enjoy the complimentary crossword created by Will Shortz, along with the solution.

(This program originally aired over Zoom on April 25, 2023 and will be available to view through June 30 at midnight.)

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So You’re on LinkedIn…Now What?

We’ll discuss how LinkedIn is used by employers and recruiters, how to set up your profile so that YOU are visible to employers and recruiters and how to use all the LinkedIn tools to your benefit. Lauren uses LinkedIn every day in her own business, and looks forward to debunking its ‘mystery’. Participants are asked to obtain a basic profile before class. Presented by Lauren Milligan from

(This program originally aired over Zoom on April 6, 2022.)

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Ace the Interview and Get the Job Offer

Every job seeker knows that the MOST stressful part of a job search is the interview. This presentation will prepare candidates for even the toughest interview scenarios, including behavioral questions. Her clients have actually said they can’t wait for their next interview! Lauren’s presentation shows how to prepare, stay focused, and properly follow-up after the interview. She’ll cover the psychology behind certain questions and how to stay on track, no matter how much interviewers try to throw candidates off their game. Presented by Lauren Milligan from

(This program originally aired over Zoom on February 9, 2022.)

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Resume Revamp: Tell the Story Behind the Story

Attendees are walked through each component of a resume in an engaging and interactive way, using real-world examples and class exercises. Lauren also shares her #1 trade secret that will drastically improve anyone’s resume in 30 seconds or less, as well as employment industry secrets that employers and recruiters won’t share. Everyone comes out with a better resume than when the presentation started. Presented by Lauren Milligan from

(This program originally aired over Zoom on January 19, 2022.)