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Glow in the Dark Bowling Fun!

One place I’ve missed during quarantine is the bowling alley.

I’m not a good bowler. I don’t have my own ball and I don’t bowl strikes. I just love the experience of the bowling alley itself. 

All the lanes, the sound of the ball striking the pins, and especially when they turn on the neon lights!

Glowing water bottles that will be used for bowling pins.

Since we still can’t go to the bowling alleys, we can DIY our own GLOW IN THE DARK BOWLING!

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • (At least) six empty water bottles
  • An equal amount of glow sticks (or bracelets or necklaces)
  • Any ball you have at home 
  • Tape for marking the floor 

Supplies for glow bowling - six empty water bottles, glow sticks, a fuzzy ball, painters tape
Fill the bottles with water and one glow stick. 

  • Arrange them in a triangular pattern like you see at the bowling alley.
  • Use the tape to make a starting line.
  • Start bowling!

You can keep score or not, it’s up to you.

Have fun! 

Make up your own rules or try using different sizes and shapes of balls. 

If you want a challenge, try bowling outside in the grass so the ball moves slower.

A view from the starting line of a homemade bowling alley with water bottles for pins.

This might not be the same as actually going to the bowling alley.

But it is a fun game to play with your family - and you can tailor it to your own sense of adventure. 


Send images of your family glow bowling adventure to

We love to see what our library friends are doing to have fun at home!

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