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Can’t Look Away: Books With Compelling Characters

Adult Summer Reading will soon be under way (June 4 - August 27), so it's time to find that next great read! 

If fascinating fictional people are your thing, here is a list of books full of "characters" from the quirky to the curmudgeonly, and from the alarming to the downright dangerous. (Jane Steele, you rock!)

If you are in the mood for something faster-paced, or a book with some steamy summer romance, click here and fill out our BookVine form.  In just 10 - 14 days, you will receive a personalized list of recommendations just for you! 

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Pint & Click Podcast Episodes 7 & 8 now available!

In episode 7 of the Pint & Click Podcast, Dave, Tony and Jami discuss the graphic novel The Private Eye, the mobile game Clash Royale, the novel The Past, and the novel Ready Player One.

In episode 8, Dave, Tony and Jami talk about the animated series Steven Universe, the board game Galaxy Trucker, the classic self-help book How To Win Friends And Influence People and the drama series Black Mirror.

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Kids & Parents

What’s a FP+ for 7DMT?

With summer break looming, many of you might be looking to plan a Disney vacation.  Planning a Disney vacation can seem overwhelming, especially with all the acronyms and new vocabulary being thrown about.  As a seasoned Disney traveler, I am guilty of speaking in such Disney shorthand.  Here is a guide to some important words that you might hear as you plan your Walt Disney World Vacation in Florida.

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Have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet?

I got the pop-up from Microsoft months and months ago inviting me to upgrade to Windows 10. Given past experiences with upgrades, I have been wary and have put off what Microsoft says is good for me. Then while reading the Personal Tech column in the New York Times, I was reminded that there is a deadline to get the free upgrade - July 29th.

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