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Keep Your Head in the Cloud

Online cloud services are ready wherever you are, as long as you’re connected to the Internet. They save you time and worry by automatically saving and some even keep records of past revisions. These programs enable you to share a live copy of your work. Some, like Google Drive, allow for simultaneous editing. Because these are in the ‘cloud’ they will automatically sync your most recent activity to any modern device– across phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

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Staff Picks

Cops and Criminals: A Broader View of Police Procedurals

They operate out of grimy stations in South London, or Minneapolis, or Venice, but they all have the same mission - to follow the evidence, catch the bad guy, and hopefully not bend the law too much. I like them because there is a reason they find bodies, unlike caterers or booksellers, who after the first couple of corpses should think about changing their line of work.

Crime and criminals are everywhere, and maybe in a few places you haven't thought of. If you're feeling in a rut with your police procedurals, consider what's new in copshops these days.

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Staff Picks

Miss Buncle’s Big Comeback

Barnes & Noble offers a large selection of classics in the handsome format pictured above. But for most other formerly popular books there is not such an easy fix. It is sad but true, that when an author stops writing new books, the books he/she has already written may be forgotten. They will sit on library shelves for a while without being checked out. Gather some dust. And then be discarded to make room for new books being published. The author might have a sizeable body of work. Some of the books might be absolute gems. But it doesn’t matter, the books will fade from our memory.

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