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Kids & Parents

Early Literacy Thrives at DPPL!

It’s a buzz-term, but it may be one of the most important health issues facing our youngest residents. Early Literacy is the phrase we use for what very young children should know about reading and writing before they can actually read and write.

As parents or caregivers, you want as much interaction with the kids as possible in 5 key skill areas: reading, writing, playing, talking, and singing.

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Staff Picks

I’ve got a hot date. With a foreign TV series.  Want to come along?

What are you doing this Friday night?  Once upon a time (before my dear husband and kids and well, middle age), Friday nights were for hot nights on the town.

These days I've got other things on my agenda.

Namely a hot date with my couch, a little red wine and a foreign TV series.

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Kids & Parents

Comics and Your Young Child

You as a parent might be thinking "Oh no! Not comics!" Youth Services staff say YES! While we recommend comics to kids of all ages, today we're specifically focusing on kids who are beginning to read. Steph (AKA Preschool Liaison Librarian) and Cheryl (AKA kids comic expert) will break down why you need to start incorporating comics into your family reading time. 

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