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Des Plaines Memory

A Death in the Family

Many of you have felt a conspicuous absence among the 4th floor staff lately.

Steven Giese

In fact, our dear colleague and friend Steven Giese died last month.

Steven was a Reference librarian here for many years.

He was a gifted researcher, but more importantly, Steven was infinitely kind and patient.

Not only did patrons receive the information they wanted, Steven had a way about him that made people feel respected. 

He made people feel that they belonged.

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Des Plaines Memory

Growing Up in Des Plaines

The more things change, the more they stay the same?

21st century childhood in Des Plaines is not dissimilar to the 20th century childhood in Des Plaines.

Plus learn all about the new Growing Up in Des Plaines: At Home, At Play, At School on exhibit now through December 2022 at the Des Plaines History Center.


Des Plaines Memory

Shopping in Des Plaines: Remember When?

Holiday shopping is much changed from the days of Des Plaines yore, circa 1900 - 1970.

Back then there was no "Black Friday". No Amazon Prime and next day delivery. No Target or Walmart or Old Navy.

The shopping was slower, locally based, at stores and local merchants who served generations and knew families by name.

Today on Des Plaines Memory, we take a stroll down the streets of our town and remember some of our favorite establishments.