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Miner Recs Episode 70 Now Available!

On this episode, Charlie, Lynne, and Joel discuss Stephen King's new collection of novellas If It Bleeds. Their conversation also touches on filmed adaptations of King's work, how future authors might write about the events of 2020, and much more! (Please note, this episode was recorded remotely using Zoom - you may notice some slight audio imperfections, which were inherent in the source.) Listen to their conversation in the player below:

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And if you'd like to further explore the works of Stephen King, here are some recommended DPPL materials that you can place a hold on today: 

If It Bleeds cover

If It Bleeds, Stephen King's latest collection of short stories, is available from DPPL to read as a hardcover book or a large-type edition, to listen to as an audiobook CD or on a Playaway device, as well as digitally on Overdrive as an ebook or an eaudiobook.

Carrie cover

Carrie, the tale of a bullied high school student who discovers she has the power of telekinesis, was Stephen King's first published novel. You can check out the book as a paperback or an audiobook on CD, or you can see the 1976 film adaptation or the 2013 remake.

'Salem's Lot cover

King's second novel, 'Salem's Lot, tells the tale of a writer who returns to the small town he lived in as a child, only to discover its residents are turning into vampires. At DPPL, you can check out the original novel, or the Emmy-nominated miniseries adaptations made in 1979 or 2004.

It cover

One of the most common fears is coulrophobia - the fear of clowns. We're willing to bet that King's 1986 novel It has a lot to do with that! If you're brave enough, place a hold on a paperback or hardcover copy, head to Overdrive to download it as an ebook or eaudiobook, or check out a DVD of the 1990 miniseries adaptation or the more recent two part cinematic version (Chapter 1 and Chapter 2).

On Writing cover

Stephen King has been remarkably open about his creative process over the years. While recuperating from a serious car accident in 1999, he collected his thoughts on his own life's work in a memoir titled On Writing, which is a must-read for fans looking for insight into King's books, as well as for aspiring writers eager to learn tips from a master. (We have a 10th anniversary paperback edition and a large-print version on our shelves, and an ebook is also available through Overdrive.)

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