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I’ve got a hot date. With a foreign TV series.  Want to come along?

What are you doing this Friday night?  Once upon a time (before my dear husband and kids and well, middle age), Friday nights were for hot nights on the town.

These days I've got other things on my agenda.

Namely a hot date with my couch, a little red wine and a foreign TV series.

Maria Wern

Maria Wern

Mysteries, thrillers and police procedureals have always been my genre of choice. I consume them, books and film.

So I've become picky. 

I'll never miss Masterpiece Mystery and 90% of the books I read are set in England, but sometimes one must branch out. 

Broaden horizons. See a little (more) of the world. 

So I started looking for mystery and police TV series set outside of the USA and the UK.

And I have criteria!

If I''m going to commit 8 - 10 hours of my life to it, it needs to have:

  • Great cinematography and sense of place. Sweeping vistas, cinematic views that make me long to live on sweeping moor or an archipelago in the Baltic. Or Paris.
    Happy Valley

    Happy Valley

  • Good storytelling: Film adaptations of best-selling scandinavian novel series or BBC productions are always a plus.
  • Great characters with quirks, charm and accents:  You know what I love? That everyone on foreign tv  does not look movie-star perfect. OK, for the most part they are all still pretty attractive, but they don't fit into the standard Hollywood-mold.
  • And a bonus for parents of littles: All the swear words are in a foreign language, so you can watch within earshot of the kids and not worry they are picking up any (more) bad words. 

The Legacy / Arvingerne (Denmark)

The Legacy / Arvingerne

Below is a round up of some of my best discoveries of late. 

I've pinned and linked to a whole lot more on my fancily titled  "TV & Film I've Seen and Liked" and "TV & Film To Do" Pinterest Boards if you're interested in seeing what else I've watched and plan to watch.

Also: I'm not the only one at DPPL who loves this kind of stuff.

Stop by the 3rd Floor Readers' Services Desk - Joel Sawyer is our resident foreign film expert and has tons of great recommendations!

Happy viewing! 

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