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Fiscal Fitness

The library focuses on fiscal responsibility during Money Smart Week with a series of helpful programs for adults, retirees and kids. Make the best financial decisions you can when you use our online and inhouse resources to build consumer expertise. Come to our programs to learn more about your own bank or credit union, how to take the first steps in bond investing, shrink your phone bill, or teach your children about managing their own money.

You make big and small financial decisions every day. Wouldn't it be great to get as much help as possible, so you could pull all those decisions together into a financial plan for you and your family? The library has a wealth of online resources for people just starting to manage their money all the way up to seasoned investors.

  • Zinio is our online magazine source, which links you to a variety of financial and business publications like Businessweek, Kiplinger's for investors, and The Economist. Read an article wherever and whenever you want with this handy downloadable service.
  • Morningstar.com Library Edition offers in-depth stock and mutual fund information for the investor. Do a specific search by ticker or name, or read their regular newsletters.
  • Ebooks, from managing military finances to the latest Lasser's Income Tax Guides can be read on your tablet, PC or e-reader.
  • Our librarians are our greatest resources, and they can get you started no matter what you need to know - right now.

Visit us online or in-person. The library can help you avoid costly mistakes and build a more secure future.

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