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Did you know there’s another library in Des Plaines?

They’ll even give you a library card. It’s a special user card for non-students that allows you to check out three items at a time.  You’ll find both scholarly and popular materials in their collection, including DVDs. It’s a great place to do serious research or just have fun. Right next to the library, there’s an art museum that focuses on modern and contemporary art. An exhibit of African-American poster artists is currently on display.

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On the pursuit of free fashion and personal style

I have always loved fashion. Sometime circa 1979 I started ripping out photos from Teen Magazine and Seventeen Magazine and hanging them on my closet door for inspiration. I still have a huge box of clippings that I can't bring myself to throw out.  

Looking back through them is walk down memory lane and while my taste has evolved, it's interesting how many of my preferences have remained consistent. Short hair? Yes. Sweater dress with matching tights? Yes (though maybe not white ones). Cute gold ballet flats?  Yes please!  High school sophmore to 46 year old woman, my go to uniform has remained remarkably the same. 

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