What’s All the Hoopla About hoopla?

With the holidays around the corner, many of us will be spending time traveling to see friends and family, or perhaps just spending long weekends at home. If your holiday get-togethers are anything like those of my family, there’s plenty of eating and visiting and chatting and music and laughter. And if you’re anything like me, after all that visiting and chatting and laughter, it feels really good to plunk down in a quiet corner after the crowd has cleared out and recharge with a book or movie!

You may already be familiar with our library’s various eBook, audiobook and music services, but we have a new one that we’re pretty excited to share with you, just in time for the busy days ahead: hoopla!

Hoopla has a large selection of movies, documentaries, audiobooks, music, and television shows.
hoopla offers a large selection of movies, music, television shows, and more.  If you have a live internet connection, you can stream the content right to your computer or mobile device – so when you’re ready to take a break from all the festivities, log on to the hoopla site, pick a show, and start watching. 

If you will be road-tripping over the holidays, hoopla also offers their app (available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire) that allows you to download content to your mobile device so you can watch or listen to it offline; so, if you’ll be spending a few hours in the car, download a movie or two to your tablet to help pass the time (and reduce the number of “Are we there yet?”s from the backseat!)

Hoopla has kids & family titles

Perhaps the best thing about hoopla is there is no waiting list for the content.  Unlike some of the other e-content services, hoopla has unlimited copies available for users, so there are no worries of finding a particular title and then having to wait until someone else is finished with it before you can access it – simply click the Borrow button and it’s yours, and it will automatically return itself at the end of the lending period. You get five free checkouts a month per Des Plaines library card.

To sign up for hoopla, simply go to their Sign Up page, ( and follow the steps.  Make sure you have your library card number handy as you’ll need it to sign up (you will not need the “library card PIN” when you register). 

If you’d like to learn more:

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