Move & Groove

The Floor is Lava

The Floor is Lava!  

Move the furniture around, throw down pillows, and put out anything to help you stay off the floor

and get ready for the first round.

Now listen for the magic words.

Woman in jeans standing on a pillow with hands on her face looking afraid.




Oh No!  Jump onto anything around you or you’ll burn your feet.  The lava is boiling and bubbles are bursting upwards to reach you!  See if you can get to the other side of the room without touching the ground.  Are you playing with a friend? Which one of you can get to the other side first?


Woman jumping from one pillow to another.

Now it’s time for round 2. The items around you are sinking into the lava so you need to move quickly. Here it comes…



This time you have to move around the room but you can’t stay anywhere for long or you will go down with the furniture.  Watch out for the flames erupting from that couch cushion!

Time yourself. Can you make it around the room in less than a minute? 



If you are playing with friends, add a "HOT LAVA MONSTER ROUND."

Oh No...

One woman tagging another woman jumping from one pillow to another.


The Hot Lava Monster is trying to get you. You can feel its hot breath on the back of your neck. How are you going to get to the other side? With each jump, you need to watch out or the monster will tag you.

Did you make it? As long as you are moving, you’re winning.




Woman balancing on a pillow trying to pickup a book under a chair.

Now have a grown-up or friend hide items around the course and see if you can find them all while avoiding the ground because







Do you want to learn how volcanoes are formed?  Check out this book


Or do you want to make your own volcano?


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