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It’s Wednesday. Let’s Look Back! Pt. II

Germ Wearing Mask

2020 has been a STRANGE year.

And that’s putting it lightly.

Those of you who’ve visited the library recently have seen that the 2nd floor is a ghost shell of what it used to be.

No crowd of kids, no computers, no toys, no iPads… even sitting and lingering has become a bit of a crime.

It’s really sad but that’s just the reality of our situation right now.

Hopefully, 2021 will shine A LOT brighter.

That being said, for many of us, family and friends have kept us sane.

We’ve all experienced some hardships this summer.

At the same time though, we’ve made some interesting memories as well.

Long story short, we’re going to display those memories today with some popsicle stick picture frames.

Go ahead and gather popsicle sticks and some sturdy backing like cardstock.

Fabric is also an option.

Then, find some glue, scissors, and maybe even a ruler. 

Step 1

Step 1

Pick A Photo!

Find a special photo or drawing to display. 

Glue it to a backing like thick construction paper.

Step 2

Step 2

Trim It Down

Lay some popsicle sticks around the picture as a measurement. 

Leave a little backing visible in between.

Cut off any excess paper and round out the corners. 

Step 3

Step 3

Glue Popsicle Sticks

Frame your picture again with popsicle sticks and this time, glue them down.

Glue a pair horizontally first.

Then, add two vertically over these. 

Step 4

Step 4

Make A Second Layer

Flip over photo and repeat Step 3 on the back. 

This will make your frame extra sturdy. 



Put on some decorations like flowers, gems, etc. 

And voila! What do you think?

Go ahead and hang it up somewhere. 

Remember, things end but memories last forever.

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We know we have.

Wednesday Crafternoon will resume in September as a monthly blog.

But don't worry.

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And come join us for some storytime shenanigans. Who knows?

*looks around and whispers* We might even get to do THE BANANA DANCE!

Toodles for now! 

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