Thriftin’ Around Town With In For A Penny

Hands down, my very favorite part of my job here at the library is the first Saturday of every month, when In For A Penny meets. 

Like many people I know, you may not subscribe to print newspapers. Maybe you opt to get your news online, or maybe you just prefer to save the money and read the paper here at the library. But however you get your news, there’s one thing you might be missing from the good old Sunday paper—the coupons!

In for a Penny Coupon Club
We actually save all the coupon booklets (like SuperSaver or RedPlum) from the Sunday papers we get here at the library, and every first Saturday of the month, we hold a meeting of In For A Penny, our coupon-cutting and frugal living club, in room B on the 1st floor.

We exchange the coupons from the Sunday papers, and some of us even bring and swap our own. And while we clip, we learn. 

Not a coupon clipper, but still interested in saving money?

Every month we have a topic on the theme of frugal living, and we share ways to save, local sales, and tried and true advice. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to meet like-minded people.

For September’s meeting, we talked about shopping at secondhand stores, and even as a seasoned thrifter, I heard tips I’d never thought of!

Here’s just a few of the tips our group shared on September 5’s meeting:

  • Look for 50% off sales around holidays and holiday weekends. It’s a great way to make thrifting even thriftier.
  • Some stores (like Goodwill and Savers) have loyalty cards with reward coupons they’ll give you.
  • Take note of weekly Senior and Student discount days if you qualify for them, and go then!
  • Secondhand stores change their inventory often. The more you go, the better luck you’ll have while looking for just the thing you want.

October’s topic is “Waste Not, Want Not,” and I’m excited to hear people’s ideas on reducing and re-using to save money (and the planet). Just when I think I know a lot about a topic, this group gives me more food for thought.

After that, in November, we’re going to learn how to make an inexpensive gift for the holidays (psst, you get to take home a craft for that one!). Come join us sometime, and see what I mean. 

Check out our webpage to see what topics we've covered this year, and stay tuned for 2016.  

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