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A Healthier You Through Music

It is known that listening to music causes you to release norepinephrine, an organic chemical which induces euphoria. At the same time, music aids in producing dopamine and serotonin from your brain which gives the body a sense of well-being.

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Music can help lower blood pressure, lessen anxiety, aid in eating disorders, and even help you sleep better.

Did I mention that music can also assist in releasing Oxytocin from the brain? Also known as the "love hormone", this can help in socializing and bonding with others. Music is a wondrous thing, isn't it?

The following music titles are for people of all lifestyles. If you live an active life or prefer more calm and meditative atmospheres you can sample each side to enjoy the best of both worlds.

A new you could begin right here and right now.

If you're in the mood to be a better you, experience the natural magic of the human brain or just want to de-stress, come check out this valuable niche of our enormous music collection here at the library.

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