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The Portable Reader

Get Caught Reading Month is a great time for us to celebrate reading and readers, and today's avid readers are on the go. Whether you're a lover of fiction, nonfiction, newspapers, magazines and comic books or audio books, we've got you covered. 

The library is offering more content in more formats than ever before. There's good old print on paper, of course, but we also have books in a large variety of digital formats and even ereaders you can check out and take home. Just check out our Ebooks & More, electronic Resources, and Devices pages, and you'll see how many options you have to enable you to read anything, anytime, anywhere!

But having a lot of options also means having to make a lot of decisions about what and how to get your reading done, so I'm offering you my top five ways I like to get caught reading:

1. In the kitchen
One Part

I have friends that like to find recipes online, then take their laptop or tablet into the kitchen when it's time to make dinner - but that's not a good option for me.

I like to have an actual book in the kitchen, with big, beautiful photographs of how the finished dishes should look with the recipes printed right there on the page.

I just prop the book up on the counter and get to cooking. And the library always has available the newest and most interesting new cookbooks.

2. On Vacation
Kindle ereader

I like to have a book on hand when I'm traveling, but I hate lugging them around, so I take my ebook reader along instead. They're lightweight and easy to pack, and I can load mine with more than one book.

The library makes it easy to grab an ebook or audiobook and download it to your preferred device.

Don't have a device of your own? The library has Kindle ereaders pre-loaded with a selection of books from fiction to romance novels to nonfiction. We even have kindles for high school students with thier assigned summer reading books set to go!

3. Anywhere
My Media Mall

One of the great things about having a tablet is the convenience of having a portable device with a decent sized screen for reading books that doubles as an eaudiobook player.

And if you count watching a video, listening to music, or playing a video game reading (well, why not?) the library can help you out there, too.

With services like MyMediaMall, Hoopla, Freegal music and OnePlay video games you can access all kinds of media on your tablet.

4. In a Waiting Room

Have you ever been stuck in your dentist's waiting room with nothing to look at but dusty, ten year old copies of Sports Illustrated or Country Living? Of course you have!

My solution is to access newer magazines from the library using my phone.

It's easy to check out titles from Zineo or Flipster with your library card. Just download the app to your phone!

5. On My Bicycle

Ok, it's not safe to actually read while I'm on my bike, but I can listen to an audiobook without going off trail and hitting a tree.

The trouble is, it's impossible to strap my old boom box cd player to my handlebars no matter how much duct tape I use.

So I check out a Playaway from the library.

What's a Playaway? It's a little mp3 player preloaded with a book. I just slip one in a pocket, put my earphones in the jack and I'm off!

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