Move & Groove

We Wiggle and Wiggle and Stop!

We Wiggle and Wiggle and Stop
 It's time for another installment of DPPL's Move & Groove Tuesday!

Each week, look for a new fun way to get moving around Des Plaines.

We'll post them on DPPL's Facebook and Instagram pages and here on the blog. 

If it rains, no worries! 

We will have a fun indoor activity for you to do instead!

This week, Miss Becky shows you a fun new way to get your wiggles out!

It's a song called "We Wiggle and Wiggle and Stop." But every time the song repeats, the instruction changes. And there's an opportunity for you to get creative and come up with your own actions.

But it's a lot easier to show you how it's done than to tell you. So click on the video below and Miss Becky will demonstrate!


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