Move & Groove

Travel the World with 2 New Obstacle Courses!

It is another installment of DPPL's Move & Groove Tuesday.

Each week look for a new fun way to get moving around Des Plaines.

We'll post them on DPPL's Facebook and Instagram pages and here on the blog. 

If it rains, no worries! 

We will have a fun indoor activity for you to do instead!  Did you enjoy the Banana Dance video last week?  Get a chance to dance with Jim Gill?  Great!  


The weather held up, so we are on the road this week!

First up, Plainfield!


And what is happening at Plainfield is out of this world!  

We blasted off with a fun obstacle course right behind the school! 

We stomp on the moon, traveled to Saturn, got stuck in a black hole, all before landing back on Earth!  What a trip?!?!?

Next, Cumberland!

Instead of leaving this world, we stayed and traveled to a country known for its natural beauty . . . Australia 
Shark Attack


Be sure to travel down under by the basketball courts behind the school (not the hoops connected to Chippewa).  


If you want to kick like a kangaroo, surf the Great Barrier Reef, and jump over some sharks (be careful of shark attacks!), this is the course for you!



And, at both locations, you can race against friends (while socially distancing, of course). 

Or time yourself (and see if you can get faster).


Don't forget to take pictures and tag them #mydpplsummer on social media.

If you keep track of your time, let us know in the comments!


Thank you Plainfield and Cumberland schools for letting us take over your blacktops! 

Be sure to check out these fun courses before the rain washes them away.  

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