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Volunteer in Youth Services - For Credit Hours or Fun!

Have you been patiently waiting for the return of volunteering at the library? 

Well, the wait is over! 

Come and get those volunteer credit hous taken care of.

The Youth Services Department will begin accepting applications for volunteers in grades 6-12 beginning Monday, Sept. 25. 

You can find the online version here (beginning 9/25/23) or you can come in and fill out a paper form. 

Volunteers will help out with things like cleaning, packing kits, program support, and more. 

This can count for school service hours or you can do it just for fun! 

Once you turn in an application, you will receive a phone call (please be patient, it may take a couple of weeks) to schedule training. 

Any questions, get in touch with Becky, 847-376-2832 or

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