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Spring has sprung, summer is around the corner—

The weather is getting better, the days are getting longer.  Soon the cold months of winter will start to seem like a long distant memory.  Now is the time to take a break from the heavier foods and warming soups of winter. We have different needs in spring and summer, when our bodies yearn for refreshingly lighter foods.

Young greens and colorful fruits and vegetables growing in backyards and available in supermarkets are always a motivation to start cooking at home.  Discover tons of mouthwatering recipes using spring ingredients by exploring the library’s collection of new cookbooks.  These quick and easy to prepare recipes leave time to enjoy the beautiful weather as well as keep you healthy and fresh.

With the official first day of summer in sight, now is the perfect time to start collecting recipes for quick and light meals.  Love to entertain, nothing brings people together like good food.  A perfectly grilled or barbequed piece of meat along with a chopped salad makes a fresh and delicious meal.  A nice cool salad packed with colorful fruits and vegetables will nourish your body from the inside out.   You’ll find endless inspiration for easy-to-make summertime meals by browsing through library’s cookbook aisles.

Canning, pickling and freezing will preserve your freshly grown vegetables and fruits for later use.    Gardening is fun, but as much of the produce ripens at the same time, most of it will go to waste without proper storage.  Refer to the library’s collection for quick expert tips on preserving all the wonderful produce from your garden.

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