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And the swimsuit season countdown begins….

Summer is not my favorite time of year.  I burn easily. I hate to be hot. I'm not particularly athletic, especially when it comes to outdoor sports. And then there's that whole pesky swimsuit issue. 

Now that I'm a mom and more than half-way through my 40's, I am working hard to channel my body concerns away from appearance and towards feeling good, having enegy, and other non-number-on-a-scale-related goals.

I try and exercise regularly (yoga rocks), eat healthily and in moderation (I'm only moderately successful in that one) and think positively and with kindness about my body (a hard one). This May, as I do every year, I've turned to the library for inspiration and advice to get back on the healthy track. 

Here are some resources I've found inspiring, that you may enjoy too:

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