Move & Groove

Pirate Treasure Hunt at Willow Park

Yellow lawn sign with Move and Groove in multiple colors with the book pirate treasure hunt leaning against it
Ahoy, Matey.  Move and Groove is back fer the next couple o' months.  It’s a great way to keep ye buccaneers explorin’ the parks aroun' Des Plaines 'n active if ye ever 'ave to walk the plank'.

This time we took our booty and the book  Pirate Treasure Hunt by Jan Peck to Willow Park.

Stop by, if ye're brave enough, to be sent on a treacherous trail and

if ye survive...

The booty will be yours!

 The course begins at the sidewalk near the tennis course where you will have to 



Blond-haired woman landing from a jump on a chalk-drawn palm tree.

Jumping from tree to tree.

Don't forget to avoid the alligators.

Next, you will arrive at the jungle.


to stay above the hungry tigers.

Once you've made it through the jungle, you'll arrive at the snake pit.


Sneak across without waking them up or you'll be snake food.  

Hope you're not afraid of heights because to get to the treasure you need to 

White chalk on the sidewalk that says climb up the cliff with a chalk-drawn cliff above

Digging for the treasure.

Climb up the cliff. 

Once you've gotten to the top, spend time


But look out, you woke up a giant mouse and now you better


You did it.  You escaped the mouse just in time to find the


Stop by the library to find more treasures, and if you like pirates, follow this link to a past virtual storytime where Ms. Becky reads Pirates in Pajamas written by Caroline Crowe

or stop by the library to check out some of these great titles.

Special thanks to the Des Plaines Park District for allowing us to chalk up their walk.

Stay tuned for another Move and Groove, coming to a park near you on September 27.

The treasure is always books

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