New! Digital Comics Free at Your Library

For about a year now, through Hooplathe Des Plaines library has offered patrons digital access to more than 300,000 movies, TV shows, music albums, and audiobooks.  Now Hoopla has comic books and ebooks too. 

Y the Last Man Brian Vaughan Pia Guerra
I have to admit, I am only a recent fan of comics and graphic novels. But once I was introduced to Y, the Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, I was hooked. (Volumes 1, 2, and 3 of this outstanding graphic novel are available on Hoopla.) 

In the past, I preferred my words and illustrations separated. Sometimes I still find it hard to follow the story on a multi-panel page. That's why I love Hoopla's "Action View." I can read comics in a whole new way. 

With a tap on the screen, you can dive right in, immersing yourself in the graphics, advancing panel-by-panel rather than page-by-page. This makes it possible to see all the (often tiny) captions and enjoy complex artwork on the smaller screen of a smartphone. On any device, having the choice of full page or panel-by-panel viewing adds a dynamic energy to the reading experience. Each panel packs its own "Kapow!"

Some of the cool comics you can find on Hoopla are:

  • All-Star Superman
  • Batman
  • Kingdom Come
  • The Sandman

We’ve also got comics for kids, like…

  • Adventure Time
  • Angry Birds Comics
  • My Little Pony
  • Tiny Titans

For some titles, only a few issues are available but for others, Hoopla has the whole series. Comics and ebooks can be checked out for 21 days and there is no need to place a hold. You've got 10 checkouts each month and if you see something you want, it's available immediately. For instructions go to “EBOOKS AND MORE,” then “HOOPLA DIGITAL MEDIA” on our site.

If you want a taste of the wide variety of digital content that your library has to offer through Hoopla, check out this video:

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