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Need Help With Homework or an Online Tutor? Try HelpNow!

If you’re in school, looking to go back to school, applying to jobs, or wanting some help with your writing, HelpNow is the tool for you! HelpNow is an online resource that provides live online homework help, writing labs, adult learning resources and much more!

Live tutoring

HelpNow connects you with live tutors who can help you with subjects such as math, science, reading and writing, social studies, or standardized testing. They even provide assistance with filling out your FAFSA!

Homework Help

For those looking for general homework help, who do not have the time for live tutoring, you can send questions any time of day to a tutor who will answer your question sometime within the business day.

24 Hour Writing Lab

If you’re looking for help writing a paper, HelpNow has a writing lab open 24 hours. All you have to do is upload your paper, and an expert writing assistant will provide you with corrections and feedback.

Plus Much More

Other features include a language lab for live help for language learners, flash bulb where you can create and share flashcards, tests, and games, and MEET a virtual platform to schedule study sessions with friends.

Try it out and let us know what you think! If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 847-376-2841 or email askalibrarian@dppl.org.

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