Move & Groove

Calm Your Dinosaur

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This summer the library is going to be full of dinosaurs....

dinosaur stories

dinosaur crafts

dinosaur roars

dinosaur kits

So let's kick off off Move and Groove with Dinosaur Yoga at Manor Park.

We brought out our inner dinosaur as well as learning to calm those ferocious feelings by reading 

Dinos Don't Do Yoga by Catherine Bailey


Crunch the Shy Dinosaur by Cirocco Dunlap.


The take home bag included a Dinosaur Plate Craft. 

Follow the link to make your own with common household supplies such as a paper plate, crayons or paint, glue or stapler, and fasteners. 

Besides the fine motor skills used for the craft, it’s a great way to model movement as the dinosaur moves their arms and legs.

Manor Park has great equipment to strengthen your little dinosaur’s body.

Dig and work on coordination

Hang and increase flexibility and strength

Swing and develop spatial awareness and muscle control  

And don’t forget to check out the fun chalk course we left behind.

Thanks to the Des Plaines Park District for letting us bring the library to the community.

Don’t forget to stop by the library between June 3 and July 30 to pick up a gamecard and check out all the great programs we have going on all summer long.

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