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Making History Together: Share Your 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic Story

The word “history” usually makes us think about the distant past - events of someone or something not connected to our daily lives.

There is nothing like a global crisis, however, to make us realize that we are making and living through history right now!

We invite you to help us document the impact of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic on the Des Plaines community by sharing your photographs and writing.

Ultimately, this health crisis will not be remembered merely as a collection of facts and figures.

The real history is the story of how each and every one of us is experiencing it in our day-to-day lives.

Making Des Plaines History together
The  Des Plaines Public Library and the Des Plaines History Center  will be working together with the community to create a digital archive reflecting your experience of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

The archive will be preserved for the benefit of current and future generations to come.

Please send us anything you are willing to share!

We will collect, archive and share written accounts and creative writing, photos of your daily activities, artwork, screenshots of your social media posts, etc.

Here's how you can contribute.

  1. Upload your digital photos directly to the Des Plaines Memory collection HERE.
  2. Send your written accounts in an email via the CONTACT US link on the Des Plaines Memory website.
  3. Email Des Plaines Memory curator Steven Giese directly at SGIESE@DPPL.ORG.
  4. Sumbit to the Des Plaines History Center's COVID-19 Stories Page HERE.

All individual contributions to Des Plaines Memory will be preserved in the Des Plaines Public Library digital archive and shared with the Des Plaines History Center.

Submissions may be used in future social media posts, blog posts, and exhibitions.

Learn more about the Des Plaines Memory collection on the library’s website HERE.

Explore the Des Plaines Memory collection online HERE.

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