Do you know where YOUR yearbook is?

Yearbooks (inside)
It's graduation time again! 

Does seeing photos of  freshly-minted graduates get you nostalgic for your high school glory (or not so glorious, but none the less fun) days?

Is your high school yearbook long gone? Buried in a box in your mom's garage?  Lost in one of those *#xo#*#!!X floods?

If you graduated from a Maine Township high school in the 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's you may be in luck.

Over on their Des Plaines Memory Facebook page, our sister blog, Des Plaines Memory, has a fun round up of Maine West grads circa 1960 - 1980.

All the photos were scanned from Des Plaines Public Library's yearbook collection. DPPL has Maine West Legend, Maine East Lens, Maine South Eyrie and (the now defunct) Maine North Saga yearbooks available for all to browse through.

Just stop by the 4th floor desk and ask a librarian for your yearbook of choice.

Yearbooks (front)
Though if you graduated with someone now-famous, you may want to call ahead to make sure we have a copy. Hillary Clinton (Maine South '65) and Harrison Ford's (Maine East '60) have sadly disappeared into the hands of online memorabilia sellers and fans. 

This is a reference collection which means you can browse the yearbooks to your heart's content here in the library  (hint: take pictures of pages with your cell phone), but may not check them out and take them home. You will need to leave an ID as collateral.  

Or maybe the idea revisiting your high school days makes you shudder. Perhaps you'll feel more comfortable amongst the graduates of these fictional yearbooks, instead:

Zombie High Yearbook '64Busch, Jeff

Zombie High Yearbook '64

by Joe Black

Printed in blood-spattered black and white, this lovingly, gorily constructed tribute to high school yearbooks of old is hilarious in its attention to period detail even as it celebrates the 1960s zombie youth "afterlifestyle."

GleeThe Official William McKinley High School Yearbook

Glee:  The Official William McKinley High School Yearbook

Straight from Lima, Ohio, The Official William McKinley High School Yearbook is a full-color, completely up-to-date book that captures all the memories of seniors like Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel, Finn Hudson and their fellow Gleeks. Featuring tons of glossy photos and exclusive images, the one and only OFFICIAL Glee yearbook will transport you to the halls of William McKinley High School. Just be sure to watch out for slushies!

Rookie Yearbook One

Rookie Yearbook One

A collection of articles, interviews, photo editorials, and illustrations from the highly praised and hugely popular online magazine

G.I. Joe Yearbook

G.I. Joe Yearbook

Re-caps of important storylines, character profiles, and new stories were presented in these yearly comics that were published from 1985-1988.

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